The Father of The Turkey Sandwich

I’ve always wanted to be “The Father of” something.  Just not kids. And since no one has really taken “Fathership” of the Turkey Sandwich, I’m taking it.

From here forward, I want to officially be known as “Neal Stewart, Father of The Turkey Sandwich.”

Any time I am introduced, I insist to be called by this name.  Kind of like when Bob Denver of Gilligan’s Island fame, had his picture taken, he INSISTED on posing like this:

Bob Denver - You can call him Gilligan

Same thing. And when people insist on something, you HAVE to do it.

Founder of Which Wich Speaks!

No surprise, but the The Turkey Sandwich is starting to get some national attention.

I’m technically on vacation today, but as many of you know I suffer from Obsessive Internet and Email Addiction and when I logged on to get quick email fix this morning , I was excited to see that Jeff Sinelli, the Founder of Which Wich had made a comment to a recent post.

For those of you that might have missed it, here is his comment:

Neal…best of luck in tennis and wiches while you are in Texas. You will find that the Texas WWs always take cash (loved your video). As founder, may I suggest limiting any wich to a maximum of 5 or 6 total ingredients (minus bread)…this should guarantee the result your looking for. I love your idea of going “balls to the walls.” Try the Buffalo Chicken and add extra chicken (choose Pepper Jack Cheese, Spicy Mayo, Ranch, Lettuce, Tomato, and if you dare, Giardinara). A milkshake is also recommended to cool things down. Keep the VIBE positive in the turkey quest and on the court (btw, I play at 3.5).
Regarding the “saurkraut and cheez wiz” — what were you thinking??????
Best WICHes,

Mr. Sinelli – thanks for your kind words. You can tell the crew in Austin that I will be visiting the downtown store for lunch after my first round match on Saturday.  Should I give them some kind of code at the cash register to let them know I am an “FOJ” (friend of Jeff)?

I will certainly take you up on SOME of you advice (limiting ingredients, which is a good call) – but not all. You recommended a CHICKEN sandwich – and this here is the TURKEY Sandwich Report, so I’m going to honor my commitment and go turkey.

I’ll also take a moment to plug Which Wich’s blog – which I had heard about, but never visited.  Check it out at  How Web 2.0 of you, Mr. Sinelli.

Damn. I forgot the Au Jus.

Occasionally, I do delve into some red meat. And when I do, the French Dip has always been nice alternative to the Turkey Sandwich.

I should make it known here that I’ve always been a dipper and a dunker. I dunk donuts in milk – always. I dunk cookies in milk – most of the time. I like to dip sandwiches in my condiment of choice – usually BBQ sauce.

The French Dip comes with that exotic Au Jus, and it really just turns the whole French Dip experience up to 11. But imagine my sorrow when I realized that forgot the Au Jus that accompanied The “Dinner Roll” I ordered at the Smiling Moose Deli in Carbondale, CO.

The Dinner Roll is really the best of both worlds. It’s French Dip made with Turkey. When fella from the deli delivered the sandwiches to our table it came with a small cup of what appeared to be soup. I immediate tore into my sandwich and was enjoying it just fine. But when I finished, and noticed no one was eating the soup, I realized that I forgot my fucking au jus. I was like I got kicked in the balls. I wasted a perfect opportunity to dip and/or dunk.

What a shame. What a pity. I have no one to blame but myself.

Turkey Sandwichosphere at BlogPhiladelphia

neal talking 1

Yours truly, the Founder and Editor in Chief of The Turkey Sandwich Report, spoke at the BlogPhiladelphia conference yesterday. Yes, The Turkey Sandwich Report has gone big time and caused QUITE A STIR at this here conference.

The “blogosphere” has officially now become the “Turkey Sandwichosphere”. I never knew that running the world’s most informative and controversial blog on Turkey Sandwiches would also be one of the world’s most admired blogs.

Ok, so if you want to split hairs, I was actually there to talk about something else – BUT I was spreading the Turkey Sandwich Report on the DL and the response was huge. A few people even said that they might take a look at TSR. One dude even recommended that I do a review of a Turkey and Cheddar Hot Pocket.

Whoa. Now that would be huge.