From the Boar’s Head or the Boar’s Ass?

“I don’t know if the Turkey comes from the Boar’s Head or the Boar’s Ass or the Boar’s Head” was once overheard at a deli. Interesting, because Boar’s Head deli meats just happen to be the best in world. That’s right. I said it. Boar’s Head is the fucking shit.

Me and the Flying Dog Marketing Posse had a little “planning meeting” on Monday and I wanted to treat them to a first class Turkey Sandwich. So we made the trek up beautiful Evergreen, Colorado to visit Lori’s Boar’s Head Deli – which just happens to be located in a Shell Gas Station. I found Lori’s one time when I was looking at houses up in Everygreen and literally forced the real estate agent to pull over and find me a sandwich. He just happened to need gas and I needed a sandwich. Who knew Turkey Sandwich history would be made?

But trust me, this joint has some uber-sick TS’s. I personally recommend the Hot Turkey Pastrami on Rye. It is so good, that I can overlook the fact they don’t toast their bread.

The most amazing thing about this deli is that by the time we purchased a few bags of chips and some drinks, my group of five ran up a $64 bill! A big contributor to this may be the fact that Rippe (my marketing bitch) ordered a $14 hot pastrami sandwich. No shit – a $14 sandwich. His review on the sanwich: it was good, but only worth $9.50.

As for my Turkey Sandwich – fucking solid as always. I will definitely be pulling off of I-70 on to the Evergreen Parkway on my trips in to the Mountains from here on out. If you want to find this little piece of Turkey Sandwich Heaven next time you’re in Colorado, just look for the International Harvester Pick-Up in front of the Shell Station in beautiful Evergreen, CO.
Work lunch excursion to Lori's Boar's Head Deli, Evergreen

Neal Stewart

Neal Stewart


2 thoughts on “From the Boar’s Head or the Boar’s Ass?

  1. I’m usually not a big fan of the restaurant in a gas station. I’ve seen some sick shit in gas stations and don’t want my food in the same vicinity. Exception being the White Castle’s at a Speedway by my house.

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