I got screwed at Which Wich

My friends Owen and Jesse are in visting Denver this week. They’re both huge fans of TSR (Turkey Sandwich Report) and were begging me to show them what Turkey Sandwiches are all about. So when the dinner bell rang tonight, it didn’t take me long to recommend “Which Wich” down in Lone Tree as our destination.

I was horrified to see that when I got there …well, why don’t I just let this video (a TSR first, btw) tell the story.
[blip.tv ?posts_id=279568&dest=-1]


3 thoughts on “I got screwed at Which Wich

  1. That’s what you get for talking shit about mayonnaise. And it looks like Which Wich made you their Bitch Bitch.

    But in reality, Kraft mayo sucks. It’s Hellmans/Best Foods or it’s nothing at all.

  2. this fucking video is blowing up all over the fucking internet now…it is everywhere…GorillaMask.com, CollegeHumor.com, WeatherChannel.com, Ebay.com and ESPN.com. I think Conan even played the video clip on his tv show last night.

    WOW, “Which Wich” really fucked up royally on this one!(is there one “L” or two “L’s” in ‘royally’?)…

    You got them Neal! You fucking got their asses! They look so fucking stupid now.


  3. I am officially boycotting Which Wich. By the way which which wich was it? Nice to see you are still going with the 3 shirt look. That is also sweeping the country and has made it’s way to beautiful northwest Indiana.

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