The Bootlegger Club at Jimmy John’s

Clubs count as Turkey Sandwiches.  And if anyone ever tells you otherwise, you should beat them like a Narc at a Biker Rally. 

Just promise me that you won’t abuse Club Sandwiches.  And there ain’t no party like Club Sandwich Party, but it can’t be a Club Sandwich Party unless there is Turkey on that Club Sandwich.

I’ve been meaning to hit Jimmy John’s for a few weeks now.  I didn’t know there was one in Denver until a few weeks ago.  So when I found out, I dedicated my lunch that day to getting a Turkey Sandwich from said sandwich shop.  So I got in my car and drove to the other side of Downtown looking for a parking space.  I love me some Turkey Sandwiches, but wasn’t about to drop $4 on a parking lot, so I needed a street space. 

Well, fast forward to 35 minutes later and I’m heading my ass back to 2401 Blake Street (where I work) sans Turkey Sandwich.  I could not get a parking spot for the fucking life of me.  I ended up getting a grilled chee, or some shit at the Blake Street Tavern.

So today, I made it a point to get the Jimmy John’s job done.  And I found the sweetest of parking spaces – with 24 minutes left on it no less.  But I was in a hurry.  I had a 1pm meeting and the clock said 12:30.  Just enough time to get in there order up the Bootlegger Club and slam it down…that is unless the line is out the fucking door. 

Jimmy John’s…Not to be…until after the meeting.

Secrond try: I find another sweet ass parking space, but this one only has 1 minute left.  Not a problem, I have a pocket FULL of $1 coins from the light rail last week.  Denied: this particular meter doesn’t take the dollar coins.  (Note to Denver: Get your shit together and decide if the meters take these coins or not.  Or better yet, convert to that credit card/sticker method that Portland has.)

But I’m a risk taker.  So I said, “Fuck you, Mr. Meter.  I will see you 1 minute left and raise the stakes by paying absolutely nothing.”  So I ran inside ordered the Bootlegger Club (no mayo, no tomato) and I was back in the car in less than 4 minutes.  No ticket.

As for the sandwich: solid.  You gotta go with the French Bread, it’s awesome.  I wish I would have had some spicy mustard or something, but it was just a solid, solid sandwich.  And the dude that made it – kudos to him. 

First off, he made my sandwich in like 14 seconds. 

Second, unlike that prick at Quizno’s (Frontier Terminal at DIA), he knows how to bust his employees balls and get some mother fuckin work done.  Once he made my sandwich, he looked at his boys and said, “Hey guys, how ’bout straightening up the place?”  Direct, with a touch of class and his guys took notice.

Good job Jimmy John’s.  I can’t be hating just cause everyone wants a Turkey Sandwich.


3 thoughts on “The Bootlegger Club at Jimmy John’s

  1. Hello Aimee. The Jimmy John’s I went to is down at the Ghetto end of the 16th Street Mall, but actually on Broadway.

    So when you gonna do a review for The Turkey Sandwich Report? We’re getting some Sandwiches from Pat’s today.

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